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AAgainst Christianity

Table of Contents

ASatan, Evil and Mankind

ACreating God

AGod and Morality

AChristian Holidays

ABiblical Absurdities

ABiblical Cruelty

AResurrection and NT Flaws



This is a continuation of my compiled writings against Christianity. If you wish to return to the Introduction, Complete table of contents or somewhere else, surely there’s a link for them somewhere on this page. If you’re here by accident and don’t wish to stay – then I didn’t want you here anyway and you now have a new computer virus….

The General Table of Contents (without subheadings and sections)…


v     Introduction

v     Satan, Evil & Mankind

v     Creating Gods

o       The Written History of Jesus

v                        B.  The Making of Jesus

v                                  B.1.  The Major Contributors to Jesus

v                        C    The Sun-god Concept

v                        D   The Making of the Bible & Its Characters

v     Resurrection and NT Flaws

v     The Mathew Prophecies

v     Christian Holidays

v     Christian Mindset

v     Wrongs of the World

v     Jesus NT

v     Easy Salvation

v     God is Ethical

v     Just God & Morality

v     Merciful Healings

v     The Immoral Tyrant

v     Complex Creation.

v     Biblical Incongruities

v     Biblical Absurdities

v     Cruel Punishment

v     The Case for Faith



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